[Initiating Startup] (teahound) wrote in bad_service,
[Initiating Startup]

WTF, McDonald's?

So after a pretty horrible night at work, my fiance offered to run out and grab me some food since I'd neglected to eat. (Yay stress and all that.) I asked her to grab me a Bacon McGriddle since it was after midnight, and an extra hash brown.

When she brought my the food back, I eagerly unwrapped my McGriddle to find... The buns, with a couple scraps of bacon in between them. No egg, no cheese. My fiance was standing there looking baffled too, and told me that first the girl typed in McGriddle no bacon (which amusingly enough would've been fine as I always take the bacon off anyway), then changed it to just a McGriddle on the little menu at drive-thru. I wound up just scrambling my own egg and using my own cheese, which tasted pretty darn good. Just... how does one manage that?

Side note: I asked my fiance if they were busy and she laughed and said no, she was the only customer there. We didn't take it back because we were both really sore/tired. I've never had an issue at this McD's before either.
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