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Not sure what to think about this.

I took my 4 year old son to get his haircut today at super cuts. I had taken in a coupon and asked to use it and the man there kindly pointed out that it was for Great Clips. I felt embarrassed for not reading it, put it away and told him I was fine with the regular price and I'd like to get his hair cut anyways. I had totally spaced when I grabbed the coupon so I wasn't at all upset that he wouldn't take it and I didn't press it. Him not taking it was not the suck, but him declining the coupon is relevant.

So, while he was doing my sons hair, my son moved and I told him not to move. The guy cutting his hair stared and looked slightly concerned so I figured he had messed up. I told my son to be careful so they didn't accidentally shave his whole head. A few minutes later, the guy cutting my sons hair started asking if my son scratches his ears. He just had an ear infection so I said yes thinking he meant the inside and maybe my son had been digging into it. I wasn't concerned as my son didn't seem like he was in pain. After he was finished cutting the hair he randomly decided he'd go ahead and price match my coupon. I was thankful and gave a generous tip and left.

When we got home I took a look at my sons ears and there were no scratches inside... But on the back was a gash with dried blood. This struck me as odd since he'd showered just before getting his hair cut and I washed behind his ears. I would have noticed this. So I asked him what happened and he said it was from the scissors at his hair cut. Now it makes sense. The look of concern when my son moved, then randomly asking me if he scratches his ears a lot and taking money off my bill. I probably should have thought the questions about his ear was strange but they were red on the inside from his playing with them due to the infection and it made sense that it would have been scratched. His hair was so long prior to the cut that I could have easily missed a cut on his ear.

Had he just said "oops I nicked him a bit when he moved" I would have understood. It happens. My son wasn't in pain nor was there blood gushing. But the fact that he tried to blame my son and wasn't honest bothers me. This was all just before closing so I couldn't do much about it today but it bugs me. My son isn't too concerned and said it didn't hurt so it's not like I feel they owe me anything.. But trying to blame my 4 year old seems a bit wrong to me. I also have no reason to believe my son is lying about this as 1) he has no reason to, 2) it makes a ton of sense and 3) if he was going to lie about a cut, he'd blame the cat or his sister.

So, am I overreacting? Because I truly feel it was a mistake, should I call down there tomorrow and say anything?

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