Meaghan (broken_organ) wrote in bad_service,

Just tell me how much you want to remove my dog's womb, dammit.

Yesterday I was shopping around for local-ish vets to take my adopted dog KC for a spay, last shots and general info about anything else she might require. She'll be a year old at the end of the month.

Most of the vets I spoke with were more than accommodating, except for one, very bitter receptionist.

Me: (explained situation)
Her: Ok, let me put you on hold and get that information for you.
(waited on hold over 10 minutes, hang up, wait a few more minutes and call back)
Me: Hi, I just called and was looking for info on...
Her: Oh hello, why did you hang up?
Me: :|
Her (annoyed): Anyways! (Tells me prices, care info, etc) So would you like to book an appointment?
Me: Not yet, I'm trying to figure out what everything will cost so I can work it into my budget.
Her: Ok. (long pause) You should have the dog spayed as soon as possible though.
Me: I know- (was about to explain it would be within two months)
Her: Also, please make sure not to book an appointment you don't think you'll be able to keep due to financial reasons. Kids don't realize when they get puppy fever at a pet store that they'll grow up and cost money.

*Ok, after months of considering owning a dog, I adopted KC in July and she was already the size she is now. As she was still under a year old, I basically adopted a hyperactive, adult dog that I knew would need medical care requiring money. I don't exactly think it sounds like I had "puppy fever"(she doesn't know any of this, and her tone is incredibly accusatory). Also, I'm 25, and not exactly some kid out of high school sharing a studio apartment with 3 roommates.

The rest of the rant gets kind of foggy, and it went into lots of strange and random directions. I could have rebutted, but there was just.... so, so much wrong. I decided to say "Thanks, I'll think about ...this" and made lunch.

Here's the little rascal that inadvertently stirred up so much fiery passion within that receptionist.

*Edit: Everyone should post pics of their dog in this post :)
Tags: *veterinarian/vet tech
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