Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bad_service,

I dunno if it's bad_service, but it's certainly frustrating_service

On Feb 16th, I made an appointment to see my GP because I have been having severe joint pain. My joints have been cracking and popping and normally that's not a negative thing but considering I'm having joint pain and popping and hypermobility, I figured I'd see my doctor.

My GP wasn't in so I saw a different doctor, Dr. B. I showed him that I am hypermobile, I showed him that I bruise easily and he suggested it's Marfan's or Ehlers-Danlos III since I have a marfanoid build and hypermobility. He told me I should see a geneticist and gave me a script for Motrin. I called the geneticist but I am waiting to hear back from them. I filled my script and having been taking Motrin even though it has not helped me.

I returned today to my GP's office because the pain is pretty bad and hasn't let up. He told me there's nothing he could do for me. "You shouldn't be on controlled substances, you should be on any medications."

I told him that it's not normal for someone to be able to bend their thumb to their forearm and I was thinking he would recognize it as a sign of hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos/connective tissue disorder.

"Well, don't do that."

Um, how am I supposed to show him I am hypermobile? The whole point is that hypermobility = loose/unstable joints.

At this point, I am upset and frustrated because I've been in horrible pain and I just want relief. He says it's anxiety and that I need to calm down.

I left with a rheumatology referral and I am still in horrible pain so I am going to urgent care.

I do understand that he sees a lot of people who seek drugs, but I can prove my hypermobility. I have never asked for pain medication from any doctor before in my life. I've also had problems with him giving me antibiotics. He's also told me my Interstitial Cystitis is due to stress and won't even help me with that. He's also told my dad that he doesn't believe in medication, my dad has a hard time with getting meds as well. At least the first doctor was more helpful and was more sympathetic, sheeeeeesh.

EDIT: I went to Urgent Care and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, Vicodin helps. The doctor at the urgent care center was very sympathetic and gave me enough Vicodin to help me out for a week. I'm also going to switch GP's as I am very unhappy with how I was treated today.
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