Rizzy is a fox & she's OK! (rizziefox) wrote in bad_service,
Rizzy is a fox & she's OK!

Short Food Safety Suck

So I went out on a lunch date to a neat little Vietnamese place by my apartment today. I've been there once before and the food was great, dining room was super clean, etc... so I was really excited to show my date because we like pho soup.

We order drinks and I feel like having tea so I order a hot mint tea. When the tea comes out I pour my first cup and notice that it's a loose leaf tea and a few pieces are floating in the bottom of the cup. Normal, yes... but not the WING OF A BUG floating along with the mint leaves! D:
I told the waiter and he replaced the whole pot of tea and brought me a new mug, but he also commented that I should "let the tea steep a bit longer, you know, so the bug wings have a chance to dissolve." with a laugh. Woah buddy, that's a great way to instill my confidence in your second pot of tea! Really distasteful joke.

Oh well, he's not a great waiter, but the food should still be delicious. Except, I found a produce sticker hiding in fresh bean sprouts they give you on the side of your soup. (So you can choose how much to put in)
This put me into high surveillance mode for the rest of the meal. The food was good, but my date knew I was a little anxious and it soured what would have been a nice lunch. :(

So while I might not be back there for a while, mistakes happen and I did tell the waiter about the produce sticker as we were leaving, hopefully they will be more careful with what they put out from now on.
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