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What did I expect?

I took my daughters to Wal-Mart the other day to spend some money that they had been saving up for a while. We decided that since McDonald's is inside the store we'd get lunch there before going to see a movie.

Me: *looks around, there's no line, cashier is staring off into space, tries to get her attention*
Cashier: Well?
Me: I'd like two chicken nugget happy meals and a...
Cashier: *turns her back on me and starts rearranging the food on a tray that her co-worker is trying to call the number for*
Cashier: They were over there *points* THREE BIG MACS AND A LARGE FRY!! *looks around*
Cashier: *grabs a bag and a soda from behind her, reaches across the counter in front of me, to a guy standing behind me to my left in a uniform and hands it to him*
Cashier: *looks at me* 4 or 6 pieces?
Me: Huh? *at this point I was slightly stunned, no excuse me or anything, she had just started ignoring me*
Cashier: Do you want 4 or 6 piece nuggets?
Me: Oh, two 4 piece chicken nugget happy meals,and a #2, with no pickles or onions
Cashier: turns around and begins ignoring me again
Me: Um... did you get that?
Cashier: YES I got it. Ten dollars and *yada yada change*
Me: *hands her the money*
Cashier: *gives change, turns around with her back to me and leans against the counter*
Me: Can I have our cups?
Cashier: *no response*
Me: Excuse me, my drinks?
Me: *looks for another employee*
Manager: *walks up looking at me expectantly*
Cashier: She wants her drinks
Manager: *hand me three cups*

What the fuck? I spoke to a manager about it, but they didn't seem to be especially bothered, I just got a nod and a "ok".
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