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Can they do this?

Once I FINALLY landed a job, I went to my school's health service to get my vaccination records.

It was going to cost me. But since I moved around so much when I was younger I figured it would be the easiest way since my school has all my records.

Sit down with a nurse, have her put her signature and initials on the form, easy as pie right?

Well I sat and talked to her for ~15 minutes and it was easy enough until it came time to pay. She gave me a billing code to hand over to the front desk.

Well nobody could figure out what this mysterious billing code meant. The employees apologized as they scrambled about to figure out the code. My boyfriend and I sat and waited for a good half hour before the guy behind the register nonchalantly says, "Well you sat and talked to her for about 15 minutes so that'll be $30." So I paid and we left.

Then, 3 months later another bill arrives for an additional $30 for the same appointment. Uh...what? I call the health service and ask what this is about because if the cost of the appointment were $60, why not just charge me for the full amount while I'm there?

The guy tells me, "If you kept your receipt you'd see a disclaimer at the bottom that says you may be subjected to additional fees." I didn't keep the receipt but I don't recall there being any kind of message at the bottom - if that were what it actually said, I would've remembered.

So I tell him what I had to go through just to get the bill (including the difficulty over deciphering the billing code) and he tells me, "The minimum for any appointment is $60." o_O

Something about this just strikes me as odd. Should I take it up with their accounting department?
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