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WTF service from: an Amazon Marketplace seller, JC Penney bra shopping

This is a couple small, but funny stories and we all need a little lighter stupid in our lives.

Placed an order for a CD on Amazon Marketplace. Condition is listed as Very Good. For reference, let's see the Amazon Condition Guidelines relevant snippet, shall we?

"Very Good: A well-cared-for CD or cassette that has been listened to, but remains in great condition and plays perfectly. The jewel case or cassette case may show limited signs of wear, as may the cover art, liner notes and inclusions."

CD arrives in a very respectable amount of time, I note it and give it no thought for a couple days. Today I pick up the CD to rip into my computer before the impending road trip on Sunday and what do I spy? A Sticker! Not just any sticker, which would make its condition "Acceptable," but this:

"This compact disc is the property of the applicable record company and is being provided for promotional use only. Resale is unlawful and may be punishable under federal and state laws."

The Condition Guidelines state, under the section of "UNACCEPTABLE", that "promotional media is prohibited."

I have contacted the seller, stated condition was listed as very good but the guidelines list promotional material under unacceptable. I didn't ask for anything, I'm interested to see what they offer, but given my past experiences with items in different condition than advertised, I expect I'll see a full refund.

Due to a previous post and the resulting bra shopping discussion, I did a bit of shopping online at Nordstrom for a Big Girl Bra and about swallowed by tongue at the prices--start at $48. In bras if not all other things, you often get what you pay for, but $50-100 for a single bra is more than I'm willing and able to spend right now. On a whim, I checked to see if JCPenny had increased their Big Girl Bras stock since last I checked, what with all their new pricing changes and bragging about a bigger intimates line, and lo and behold they have a significantly better selection than Lane Bryant and Nordstrom combined! Since JCP purchases are Gifts From Mom's Credit Card, this made me a happy lady and I promptly went shopping.

Of course, without being able to try them on before purchasing, I warned my mom that a steep purchase was being made but a return would soon follow, bought 7 bras to have them shipped, and they arrived today! Joy! My new shirts to replace all my old worn-out ones just arrived too, so I could try them all on together, as they would be worn.

All bras are size 40G. Two of them, the band size measure 32 inches and I couldn't even get one of those two clasped. The one I COULD get on was smaller than my DD-cup bra, so I asked my friend who came over to try it on. She's a 32D. The cup was too small.

40(DDDDDD) does not equal 32C, folks.

So I slipped a note in with that ("real size 32C/D--mis labeled?") to be returned. Another note got put into the other bra of the same manufacturer ("two 40-band bras bought, both have 32-band bras attached to the label. Please consider informing manufacturer that someone forgot how to use a tape measure.")

Bonus WTF: A strapless bra that needs to be able to hold up Massive Girls without the use of, you know, straps? 40-band measures 43 inches at the smallest clasp, slips down, and has no elasticy anything in the boobage area to hold anything in place. The side-boning gave me some awesome bruises in the couple minutes I was trying to see if I could alter it to work.

In the end, I intended to keep two bras plus maybe the strapless, and I found one that fits like a dream but is so full-coverage I may need a turtle-neck; and another that still has an issue with the underwires poking way out from where they should sit, but when I push them in place the bra still fits just fine so I can't imagine it's too small, just badly designed. Still, they don't seem to poke out and create a bump in my shirt, so I may just keep it.

I feel like I need to employ a team of engineers to design a decent bra for me, but I only know one who is also a seamstress and she has no personal experience with anything related to "needing" a bra. *le sigh*

Like I said, mostly just Odd!Service today, but at least we can laugh at it.
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