Jantra (jantra) wrote in bad_service,

Quick B_S/WTF_S

Driving home from work, I approached the only large strip mall in my middle-of-no-where town. There's one large driveway - this strip mall is large enough to have its own stop light for the driveway into the place. I'm approaching the traffic light when suddenly a pick up truck comes out of the parking lot, across the opposite two lanes of traffic, across the one next to me, and cuts me off in the farthest lane. I hit my brakes and glare. It's the Dominos delivery guy.

I watch him fishtail as he's clearly futzing with something in his passenger seat, not looking forward at all (as I'm staying back enough to make sure I don't into an accident with this guy). Then suddenly he cuts BACK across all the lanes of traffic to make a left hand turn from the right driving lane.

I called the Dominos he left (as the truck nicely had their lit up sign with number on top) and let them know what their driver was up too.
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