The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

Pet boarding suck

I was going away this past weekend, taking my boyfriend back home to meet my parents, 2 states away. We would be staying in a hotel, so I had to board my beagle (see icon for cuteness). So I went to the website for the boarding kennel and made a reservation on February 1 to drop him off on the 10th. I get my confirmation e-mail and assume all is well, based on my one previous experience.

Not so much.

When I went to drop him off at 8 AM on Friday, there was nobody there. They run it out of their farm, with the kennel in a separate building, so I went up to the house to see if anyone was home. Nope. No answer. So I go to my car and try to call them. No answer again. While THEIR farm dogs are surrounding my car and barking and making MY dog insane, I leave a message (I figure there's a chance that the kennel number is the owner's cell) saying that I am there for my reservation, that it is now 8:15 and nobody is there, and that I have a dentist appointment in less than an hour and cannot wait much longer, please call me. I waited about 15 more minutes, then I had to go.

I figure maybe if they get the message, they will call me and offer to let me drop him off after 10 (their usual cut-off time for drop-offs). But I didn't want to count on it, so I start calling around to see if I can find another place. Luckily, I was able to find another place last minute to board my dog that was much nicer, but unfortunately cost nearly twice as much ($17 vs. their $10), dropped him off there after my dentist appointment, and was on my way back to Iowa on time Friday afternoon when my boyfriend got out of class. Before leaving town I sent an e-mail expressing my displeasure.

I had a reservation to drop my dog off this morning. When I arrived, there was nobody there to take him. I knocked on both doors to your house; no answer. I have now had to make other arrangements that are costing me a great deal more money and inconvenience in order not to disrupt my weekend travel plans. I am very disappointed in this lack of service and will not be returning.


Neither e-mail nor phone call were returned, not that I really expected it. If anyone here is near Montgomery County Indiana, The Pet Resort in Waveland sucks, but the new Rin Tin Inn in Crawfordsville (behind Sugar Creek Animal Hospital) is clean, friendly, and accommodating, even of excitable, howling beagles.
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