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I guess I didn't want to eat here anyhow?

So, the other day, I was out with my fiance and our roommate, and we had just finished doing some laundry at the laundromat. We decided we had enough spare money out that we could grab a quick bite to eat before heading home for the night, so we decided to check out this pizza joint, called Monty's Pizza that we saw on our way to the laundromat.

We went pulled in, I put my Service dog, Gage's leash on and the four of us went into the pizza place. It was completely empty, except for the man at the counter. I smiled at him and I asked if we could eat in. The man behind the counter looked from me to Gage and said, "Not with the dog..." My fiance stepped in, explaining that Gage was a service dog and the guy shook his head again and said "I don't want him in here." My fiance explained again, this time his tone a little more aggressive, that Gage was a service animal and that by law he is allowed to accompany me wherever I go. The man then said, "I don't know anything about that." and kept repeating it, over and over and over.

I have an intense fear of confrontation, and was freezing up, but managed to pull Gage's id out and hand it to the man [something I certainly did not have to do, but wanted to quell the situation]. He glanced at it before setting it down on the counter and not even bothering to hand it back to my open hand. Rob, meanwhile, was explaining that Gage is not a pet and is technically considered medical equipment. The man said, "I know but, no dogs in here. " to which Rob said, "I don't think we WANT to eat here." and the man just repeated, "I just don't know." again.

At this point, I was so shaken and upset that I just managed to exclaim, "Lets just GO.", and so we left. Once I had regained my composure, I unfortunately realized that we should have just offered to call the police and have them explain the law.

My fiance called the next day to speak with the owner or manager, but instead was asked to leave his name/number and await a callback. This was Friday that he called and we still haven't gotten a call. Our next step is to report the place to the Department of Justice and my fiance wants to speak to a lawyer. I just want the place to teach it's employees the law regarding service animals.

Even remembering this to recount here is enough to give me a panic attack, so confronting the manager/owner myself it out of the question. I just wish my brain did not freeze up while I was in-store to explain myself better.

Tldr: I was refused service at a restaurant because I have a service dog.
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