Tsune (kitsuneember) wrote in bad_service,

An hour for the wrong order.

The place is a small, family owned pizzeria/gyro/shawarma place that has cheap prices and free delivery. I've never had a problem with them before, and as thus, placed an order just before 8:00 PM tonight because I wanted some cheap eats. Blue soda, two dinners (One medium, one small), and garlic bread with cheese.
At 8:40, with no food and no phone call yet, I decided to give them a call to hear that nope, this wait is normal on the weekend.
Grumble grumble.
Just as I as about to call them again, the doorbell rang. Hurrah, food! I thank the man, give him a tip still (It wasn't his fault, after all) and got in to see. . .
They forgot one of my dinners.
They forgot the cheese on my garlic bread.
I got cream soda (clear) instead of bubblegum (blue).
Okay, the last I can forgive, what with running out of certain drinks, but the dinner was five dollars on its own (And I didn't notice the lack o' cheese until after). Thus, I quickly called to see where my missing meal was.
'Oh, you wanted a medium as well? That'll be five dollars, and pick up only'.
I quickly informed her that no, I had paid for it already and that it should've been there. There was a bit of silence before she said, 'Okay, we'll send it for free'. No apology for the mix up, nothing.
Only took them half the time to get it, by which time I had noticed I had regular garlic bread. I asked the driver to just pass it on for me, but really? Never ordering from there again. 

Also, sorry for whining. It just happened, so I'm still just. . . argh.
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