Chanticleer Hegemony (buggrit_1979) wrote in bad_service,
Chanticleer Hegemony


I hadn't seen the sunlight in weeks, so the boyfriend insisted on taking me out for lunch. I had a coupon for a free value basket at Culver's, and also no money, so the decision was pretty much made for us.

The boyfriend was interested in hearing more about their frozen custard; he's very lactose intolerant, and many custards are milk-free. He was hoping such would be the case here.

So, after ordering our food, the boyfriend asks the cashier if there's any milk in the custard, explaining that he simply can't have any milk. He's more than familiar with food that lies, so he's always careful to double check. "No milk," the cashier assures him.

So we ate our food, and he went up to get us some custard. He checked again, with the manager this time, just to be sure-- "I can't have any milk. I'm lactose intolerant. Is there any milk in the custard?" He is once again reassured that there is no milk, so he orders for us both.

Being a smart shopper, however, before digging in he takes out his phone and checks online for product information.

Sure enough. Real Wisconsin milk.

So he went up to the manager and was like "Uh what's up?"

The manager says.... "Oh, I thought you meant gluten."


Screw you, Culver's. Learn what's in your products. Fortunately the boyfriend's failure mode is just painful gas and a nasty bathroom attack. Some people's failure mode is fucking anaphylactic shock. DON'T TELL PEOPLE THAT THINGS AREN'T IN YOUR FOOD WHEN THEY ARE. IF YOU DON'T KNOW, FUCKING CHECK.
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