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Best Buy; Best Headache, Mega Frustration

I finally caved (and excited caved, though), and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I knew it would be a bit of a learning curve, but thought, foolishly apparently,that things would make sense once I got onto it. They didn't. I'm not interested in gaming, or streaming movies (although that is something I liked about it--I don't necessarily have to have it set to my TV, although that's kind of cool and I'd like that). I wanted easy mobility. I love to read, I wanted someplace to carry my music files (the ones I have already), upload pics to, browse the internet, download books from my favorite sites---and be able to read them. First thing it wants you to do is sync with your Google account. Don't have one, here's how to get one. It then uploads everything from Google~~~whether you want that or not. It uploaded and synced my contacts, email, Picasa web albums that I quit using when they attached it to Google+ & intend to delete, meaning I don't intend on adding pics to it. The eBook reader is synced to Google eBooks, the music app is to Google Beta....All whether I want to or not. I don't buy books from Google----ever. I quit using Picasa web albums when they hooked it to Google+ and the Circles. Nobody I know wants to be on it, and I can't save contacts separately to send links to. Half the time, if they aren't in my circles, or have no Google account, they are asked to create an account by Google or they can't open them (this is not something I've set it to do). Google is very proprietary over my stuff. But that's another complaint.
Anyway, I want flexibility. I want to be able to upload pics that I have on my computer, or separate hard drive or thumbdrive---not by routing through Picasa. No directions or apparent way to do that, not even in the 200 page manual. I want to be able to download books from my favorite websites (not Google, or Kindle or Nook)to store and read easily. No directions or apparent way to do that. I want to load my music tho I buy most from Amazon, and I can down load the Amazon App for that (sounds easy but I'm guessing it isn't) that I've already purchased. Again no way to do that that I can see.

I didn't purchase the Geek Squad package. The last time I did that, spending I can't recall how much when I purchased my laptop knowing I would need help setting up the wireless, I then paid Geek Squad $150.00 to set it up (this didn't include the router). I was a little baffled what purchasing the Geek Squad package got me. So after getting it set up with my wireless, synced with Google, cuz there appeared to be no choice, I was up and running---nowhere. I spent hours playing with this, trying to figure it out. I purchased and downloaded an book in epub, it downloaded went onto the shelf of one of the apps, and wouldn't open. There was an error. I downloaded another already purchased book in epub--in wouldn't open. I down loaded in .pdf, it opened reallly tiny---and I couldn't enlarge it. I downloaded another app the site recommends for android. I could open epub, but I better not leave it because I couldn't import it and I'd have to download it again to open it--even though it was in my download file, I could do nothing with it, but check the box.

After hours and hours, I gave in. Unless I got some help in navigating in it, it was going to have to go back. I called Best Buy. Gee they really can't help me, but I can return it and they can get something that works out better for me. Like what I queried? What do they have that will be more user friendly? He didn't really know, but I could talk to the Geek Squad. I said I don't really want to return, I need someone that will me understand how to make it work. For 69.99 they could set up the security shield (as far as I could tell that was the plastic thing so it wouldn't scratch) and get it set up for me. I said I can put that little plastic thing on myself, and I already had it 'set-up'. I needed help in navigating and understanding how to make it do stuff. Well for 29.99 they could fore go the security shield and help me set it up. I said again I have it set up, what I need is....Well that would include that. I said how much time is allowed. She could do it in 15 minutes....15 minutes? She's going to say do this, move this and what? in 15 minutes? What am I going to get in 15 minutes? Not much. I got that quick 15 minute demonstration when I bought it. Well then, if I wasn't happy, I could bring it back.

You would think when someone spends almost $400.00 they'd want to keep that money on the ledger by offering some real support wouldn't you? I guess not, they'd rather give me the money back. I'd rather get a little support and assistance and learn how to use it---who knows maybe it's missing some things that make it usable--but I'll never know because they don't want to take the time. But I guess it'll go back to the store.
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