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what is this place? some kind of nun factory?

Turkish Airlines Suck

A few weeks ago, my family flew to Baku, Azerbaijan from a connecting flight through Istanbul. The flight with Turkish Airlines itself had some bad service, but it's nothing worth writing about.

When we arrived back to Chicago, it turned out that the airline lost my mother's luggage. We filled out the appropriate paperwork and were told that they probably just accidentally left it behind in Istanbul, that they would ship it the next day, and to call in two days if we didn't hear from them.

My mother tried to call. The person on the end seemed totally confused. First, she said that her luggage never arrived in Istanbul, then said it did, but they're not sure where it is. Finally, she said to call back in two days.

So, for about a week, this was pretty much the pattern. It was almost always the same woman, who'd never provide any actual answers and after a few minutes, would tell my mother to call back in a few days. Finally, the woman just stopped answering my mother's phone calls all together.

Two days ago, my mom called her from a different number and surprise, surprise, she answered. The woman asked her what was in her luggage. This is where it gets absolutely ridiculous:

First of all, the woman made fun of my mom's clothing size. Apparently being a size extra-large is hilarious. Then my mom mentioned having a leather jacket with a mink collar. The woman said "How can you kill a poor animal?", basically admonished her, and then said to call back later. She hung up, not letting my mom have a word in edgewise.

I completely disagree with my mom's stance on fur, so I can understand the woman's urge to say something, but uh, wow, how inappropriate! It's not her job to tell my mom off for wearing fur. She's emailed Turkish Airlines about the service, but we're not expecting very much.
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