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Bank of America suck

Dear Bank of America -

My mother died a year and a half ago, and yes, I am aware I haven't paid you in that time for various reasons that are all mine (grief, probate mess, current problem).

However, six months ago when I contacted you, you stated all I needed to do was send you the Death Certificate and proof I am the executor. So I faxed you the Death Certificate and Small Estate Claim (all I was required to file with Probate).

I have sent this seven times now.

I WANT TO SAVE MY BLOODY HOUSE ALREADY, so please stop losing, misfiling, setting fire to my faxes so I can get the payments lowered and PAY YOU.

Trust me, you do not want this house, the renovations are not finished, the bathroom floor is sinking and my mother was a's not worth the 77,000 I just let me pay you the basted money so I don't end up living out of my car.
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