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oh, UPS.

A couple weeks ago, I ordered some new jewelry from BodyArtForms. I've bought stuff from them multiple times before, it's always showed up on time and packaged well.

Except this time. UPS has decided that apparently, going up the driveway to my house is just ~too much trouble~ and just left it at the gate by the road... without letting me know, and without flagging it in any way so I could find it. I was on campus the day of delivery, and when I checked before heading home the tracking notice said that it was delivered ~12:30.

Except that apparently "Location: Other - released" on a tracking number means they just chuck it on the side of the road. It has been four days, I have looked everywhere that the "detailed" note says it was left, I have asked all the housemates and most of the neighbors, and my package is missing. Completely missing.

The biggest problem I have with this is that UPS cost me a number of discontinued/out of stock items. Some of the pieces are just basic o-rings, tapers, eyelets, that sort of thing. But the wood and horn pieces are irreplaceable, and I paid damn good money for them. I've been in touch with the seller, and they've filed a report/trace/whatever with UPS, so that's something.

I'm just. Really? Leaving a box "at the gate" on the side of a road? WTF?
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