shippygrl (shippygrl) wrote in bad_service,

Realtor/mortgage agent suck

Husband and I found a nice looking, reasonably priced house for sale in the school district we like (which is also closer to my work). We decide we'd like to see this house, so we fill in the info box for "schedule a showing". Now, because my folks will be helping us, either by matching our savings for a down payment or by cosigning our loan (we are currently rebuilding our credit, but we were dumb when we were younger and it takes time to crawl out from under that kind of thing), we want to wait to find a house we REALLY like before involving pre-approvals and lenders and such, because we aren't going to disturb my parents until we're sure about the house we see.

I explain this to the realtor that contacts me to confirm the appointment. She cheerfully says "ok!" I later get a voicemail AND an email from a mortgage agent the realtor works with, explaining how realtor told her we need pre-approval and to get the ball rolling on financing. I called her back and said no, we don't, we're looking at the house first to see if it's even worthwhile to get everyone involved since it involves more than just husband and me. She asks where we currently live (an apartment in a not-so-nice part of town, but definitely not the worst) and where this house is (in a nicer part of town, but definitely not the nicest). She then gets a very condescending tone in her voice an says, "Well, we NEED to have this conversation to make sure your credit and income level are in the right place for a house in this neighborhood since you're moving from X."

I explain to her that we pay 850 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment and the house we're looking at is only 65,000. The payment calculator, even with no down payment and a higher interest rate, is still 300 a month LESS than we pay now. And that I need to get off the phone and pick up my nanny kids from preschool.

Her tone was just terrible~"oh, you must be broke if you live in X." Well, yeah, we kind of are, because most of our money goes to rent in the nicest, most secure apartment complex we could find in that area.

On top her the mortgage lady's rudeness, I was quite a bit peeved that even after I told the realtor the situation about not wanting to involve banks yet, she still told her associate that we needed to get the ball rolling an to contact me. And then realtor called me at 8 this morning asking if we were still on to view the house today. 8 in the morning. On my day off, which she knew because I specified it had to be today since husband and I both have today off. Ugh.
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