Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

Insurance and Walmart Pharmacy

These are two parts of the same bad_service

Part One:
I have hypothyroidism and take a thyroid replacement drug. My levels change frequently. My prescription insurance requires all maintenance prescriptions (any drug that you take longer than 3 months) to be processed through the mail order pharmacy in 90 day orders.

January was my 4th month on 250 mcg of levothyroxine. So my insurance refused to pay for it. This is in fact the first time I've ever been on the same dose for more than 3 months. In fact right before I got bumped to 250 mcg I went through this same thing and have 90 days of 200 mcg sitting in my medicine cabinet that are useless to me.

HOWEVER, my doctor had done blood work after month 3 and said he wanted to do one more month and then thought he was going to drop it down to 225 mcg because he wasn't happy with where my levels were. Insurance wants the doctor to call in 90 days of 250 mcg of the drug or they won't pay for it. But if it is then bumped down in 30 days they won't pay for the new lower dose in 30 days.

I spend 2 hours on the phone trying to convince them that their policy is dumb and to get a waiver for this month. They refuse to budge. I give up and transfer the prescription to Wal-Mart to take advantage of their $4 generics.

Part Two: I show up at Wal-Mart to get my prescription which should be $8 because it's actually two $4 prescriptions. They don't make a 250 mcg pill so I have to take two 125 mcg pills a day. And the cashier tells me it's going to be $25. "WHAT WHY?!" Because they've filled it for 180 pills, which they think is 3 months. I explain that I only want one month, the prescription is only for one month, I'm having blood work done and my prescription is supposed to be reduced in a month. They look at the prescription that was transferred from Walgreens and realized they misread it.

The pharmacist tells me to take a seat and she'll refill it for 30 days. It takes 10 minutes and I finally get to go home. The next morning I open the bottle to take my medicine and I tell my husband "Damnit all, there's no way this is 60 pills". I was charged $8, the bottle says 60 pills, and there's only 30 pills in the bottle.

So I have to go BACK to Wal-Mart. I tell the pharmacy tech that I've been shorted 30 pills and she says "oh we don't make up for missed pills unless you tell us before you leave the counter." o_O I inform her that we're talking about thyroid medication and not a narcotic and her tone changes. And she gets me the other 30 pills. But seriously, it should not be that hard to get a simple prescription.

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