corridor7f (corridor7f) wrote in bad_service,

Alpha-numeric fail

Within the past few months my local Timmy's has been issuing order numbers to customers who order more than just a coffee - great!  No more getting to your desk, opening the sammich wrapper and seeing something unfamiliar.  No more time wasted going over the details or having to ask other customers what they ordered... or having other people touch my food to see what my food is.

Buuutt..  if the cashier issues me an order number and the employee bringing out the orders from the kitchen area calls out the order by name (breakfast sandwich on a such-and-such)....  *system breaks*

Also, the fact that the employee bringing me the order KNEW the order number when I told her...  just..  ARG.  Please co-ordinate.  Luckily, there wasn't an agressive and hungry businessman in front of me, almost body-checking me out of the way to grab the sandwich he may have thought was his (that was Monday - sandwich had to be made again for me).

Also, sighing loudly at me wasn't appreciated.  You made you look stupid, not me.  I didn't just make that number up to annoy you.

This has happened about 3 times in past week or so.  I was understanding when this breakdown occurred in the early stages, but c'mon.  I may start going to the McDonald's nearby if this doesn't stop.

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