Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Irritating Service from AE

On NYE, I placed an order with American Eagle for a few things. It didn't ship for a while, and when it did, the tracking number never worked. I called them and told them it didn't work, they seemed confused and told me to call USPS. I did, they told me they didn't have a record of it. I called AE back, they called USPS to confirm what I told them, and then said if I didn't receive my stuff by the 19th, they'd refund me. It turned up the next day, with a completely different tracking number.

Placed another order with them last week, same thing happened with the tracking number. This time I didn't bother phoning anyone, and it turned up yesterday, again with a different tracking number. What I bought didn't fit, so I returned the stuff today, and ordered a different item instead. Got the shipping notification...tracking number doesn't work.

Seriously, wtf? I've now ordered with them 4 times - the first time I got free 2-day shipping, and had no problems with the tracking number. Every other time, it's been standard shipping and the number doesn't work. It ships via UPS Mail Innovations, but the number never works with either UPS or USPS' website. It seems like a bad idea on their behalf, because there's nothing (aside from honesty) to stop me claiming I never got my stuff and getting a refund, because they can't prove otherwise. Plus it's really irritating to not know where my stuff is, when I'm supposed to be able to track it.

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