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So I found out two weeks ago after applying for a job for the second time that they really liked my application the first time around, but that I would not be interviewed because of felonies on my background check. Obviously, I was pissed because I've never been arrested, I was worried about identity theft, and it just cost me a job. And this is only one that I know of, because apparently these are from 2005 and I have no idea what other jobs I applied to used my social security number for a background check instead of just my name. So.

After lots of calming down and a ton of help from the nice lady where I applied and figuring out where I needed to call, I make the call to the Sheriff's office where the arrests occurred and explain my situation. When I finally get some fracking information, everything points to someone having made a huge mistake and putting the incorrect number TWICE in two consecutive months. This sucked badly because in her original file, all is well, so in order to find the mistake they had to dig in her criminal history. Everyone seemed to have a problem listening to what I was saying, just looked at the main info and went hmm, looks fine to me!

Out of the 3 people I had to talk to in the last week:

1 was convinced that TWO different people in two different counties both read the information wrong and tried to convince me of that, as well. On our second phone call, she also indicated which number was incorrect which gave me the other person's social security number. Then, she goes yeah! Yours is xxx-xx-xxxx, hers is xxx-xx-xxxx!(Seriously?!?!?!!?)

2 were completely rude and impatient.
The first is a regular employee. Whenever I got transferred to her, she was clearly miffed at having to answer the phone and short with me when I asked questions. When I mistakenly gave her my first name instead of the other girl's because I couldn't hear, she clearly grouched "WELL, let me just try this AGAAIIN!" Ugh, I'm sorry. I know it's difficult to type into a computer and be paid for it. How dare I make you do extra too!

The second is the supervisor of the records division. She never answered her direct line, doesn't seem to be all with it when I speak to her, and only called me back once after making ME find out this person's birthday when everyone else seemed to be able to find the records on their own with just her name and my social. To get a hold of her most of the time, I had to call the Sheriff's office, ask for records, and then ask if she was in that day. When I did get her, she was the worst at looking at the main information only. After finally finding the mistakes, she only says "oh, there it is. It's an X instead of an X (there we go again, giving the social security number) I'll fax the papers to get it fixed." Okay, I can live without an apology I guess. But how about a time frame for how long it's going to take? I'm kind of waiting on this so I can get a job. She says her contact in the main office usually gets it done in a day. Okay, so how will I know it's fixed...? I call back? You'll call me? I'll be denied again? She says I can call back.

I gave it 3 days and call to get transferred after she doesn't answer her phone or reply to my voice mail from the morning. I've tried to be polite as possible because I want this fixed and I need their help, but this last phone call made me want to strangle her. I state that I called last week about the felonies under my social security number, and it seems to click. She hems and haws and pulls it up, and says it seems to be corrected. So I say when they run a new background check, I should not have two of blahblah's records in my name, right?

She says... " what records?" Now, I'm really fucking nervous that she has no clue what's going on, didn't go INTO her records, and that it's not really fixed. I start to repeat that I should not have blahblah's drug charge and abuse charge on my record, correct? and instead of letting me finish, she starts getting aggravated and starts talking over me. Literally, noticeably raising her voice over mine and spitting her answer out in a way that's making it obvious she doesn't like what I'm saying. I didn't even hear what she said because when it registered in my brain that she was getting angry at me when I didn't do anything wrong, my brain exploded, my ears were bleeding, and I stopped paying attention. I barely held on long enough to get a yes out of her before I thanked her and got off of the phone.

So now I'm not entirely sure it's correct, and I cannot ask anyone except for her because my local police will only bring up local charges in a background check. If I find that it wasn't fixed, I am just going to skip them and find a lawyer but in the meantime will probably ask my brother to help me write a letter to the main supervisor of the whole office. After seeing how the other employees are, I'm kind of worried what his answer will be.

Edited to add: Should have mentioned, our names are different, DOB are completely different, we live on different ends of the state, and where she was arrested I'd never been.

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