philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Went to the doctor for a sinus infection today.

I've had really bad luck with our university health center, so I should be surprised. First, the nurse had to try to take my blood pressure 7 times. 6 times with the automatic one which clearly wasn't working. Now, it isn't her fault that it wasn't working, but why would she try that many times before getting the manual one?

But the real bad service was the doctor. Now, I told him my symptoms (constant headache and completely stuffed sinuses for a week and a half that drugs aren't really helping, vertigo, sore glands, scratchy throat, being really tired and yet having trouble sleeping) and that I rarely get fevers even with sinus infections (my natural body temperature is around 97.8, so it takes more for me to get a fever). I also told him that I had gotten over a cold a few weeks ago and so things had been sitting around in my sinuses for a while. Here in Texas, cedar pollen is bad right now, but that is one of the things I'm not allergic to. So, when he suggested that as a cause, I told him that I'm not allergic to cedar and that this is not how my allergies manifest themselves anyways.

And yet, he insisted that it must be allergies and refused to prescribe anything except for a nasal spray. He said that if it was still bad in a week to come in again. As if one week already wasn't enough and as if I didn't know my own body and allergies. So, another week of feeling lousy.

Maybe I'm reacting too strongly on the count of not feeling well, but aren't doctor's supposed to listen to patients? And just because I have some allergies doesn't mean I'm allergic to everything.
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