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Walmart Suck!

So I got off work about an hour ago, earlier than usual because it was a slow night, and still had enough caffeine in my system to grocery shop. I go to the walmart by my house, stroll around for a bit and finally get to checkout.

The cashier rings about 2 items before I realize my dumb ass forgot to cash my check before shopping, so I stop her and tell her what happened then wheel my cart over to customer service and ask if I can leave it there for 2 minutes while I run to my car to grab my check (of course I left it in there, but at least I can laugh at myself...). The lady manning the desk tells me "sure, no problem" and I run out to my car. In less than 2 minutes (I had headphones in bc I was sick of hearing the general public, and I didn't even get to the bridge of the song I was listening to so I guesstimated the time) I went back in...and my cart was gone. I asked what happened, giving benefit of the doubt bc anyone can make a mistake and maybe it was just misunderstood to be a returns cart or something. In reply, I got a very attitudey "you were gone too long, we thought you had left, and its reall not our job to babysit your cart anyways", to which I replied "I was gone less than 2 minutes and if it was such an inconvenience a simple 'no' would have sufficed, now is there any way I can get my cart brought back??" After some exaggerated eye rolls they walkied the person who had taken it, then say to me "I suppose you have a check to cash too, huh?". I said "yes, as I understand it that's a service that you actually do offer...".

By the time my check was cashed someone had brought back my cart and started to spologize, but cs lady told him "don't apologize, we were doing him a favor!" I thanked the person who brought the cart back (they also grabbed the couple of things they had restocked and refilled the cart for me, very appreciated) and went to check out. I plan on contacting management/corporate tomorrow, because at that point I was tired and getting grouchy and could have easily turned into a customer_suck. If there was a policy to not allow people to do what I did, a simple "I'm sorry, we can't do that" would have been enough for me, but saying yes than changing your mind thirty seconds later is just not right.

ETA: Line breaks...apologies for my cranial flatulence :\
Tags: *pharmacy, line breaks please!, wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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