tree (rainingfordays) wrote in bad_service,

what is the deal with fast food?

A tale from a few years ago. This walks a fine line, so I'd appreciate help in deciphering it.

It's about 5 minutes before the mall food court closes. My boyfriend at the time and I decided to catch a quick bite from the Wendy's before it closes entirely.

Me: Hi there. I'd like the chive baked potato please.
Cashier: Oh, we don't have any.
Me: Okay. I'll just let him go.

*boyfriend orders*

Me: Okay, could I have a small fry and a small Frosty?
Cashier: No, we're closed.
Me: *thinking* WTF?

The cashier was clearly accepting orders 10 seconds ago, when my boyfriend ordered. The sub shops I've worked at have honored customer requests as long as they were in line when the store closed. She knew that I was about to order again. Why couldn't she either squeeze me in or be honest and say that was it and she had to close?!?!

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