~Chibi Rachy~ (chibirachy) wrote in bad_service,
~Chibi Rachy~

Frontier and Tracking

It's been nearly a year since this occurred, and it's still irksome.

When I first moved out on my own, I ended up using Frontier for my Internet. I didn't want phone service, but I needed it to get Internet. Okay fine, I got the cheapest. I really had wanted Atlantic Broadband, but according to their site, they didn't serve my area. So I spend a year and then some months. First thing was that they auto-renewed my contract after the first year without warning. Internet at times would go out or be ungodly slow. At one point I called them and they said that my modem was set to run at half the speed it was supposed to. I don't know why it suddenly did that. This all built up until I was fed up and found an advertisment from Atlantic Broadband in my mailbox. I called and spoke to them about the deal they were offering. On impulse, I decided to go with them.

Then came the trouble of getting rid of Frontier. I was breaking contract, so they charged a $200 fee for that, which is in the contract rules. I was so desperate I paid it because with the Atlantic deal, I'd break even after a year. I got the box to ship back everything they'd loaned me. Thankfully I remembered to write down the tracking number and save it. Atlantic came and installed my stuff. I figured I was set. Tracking number showed the package as delivered and signed for.


A month later I was out of town for a convention. My parents were coming to my place every day to check the mail and take care of my cats. I get a phone call from my mom one morning that I had something from Frontier. I told her to open it. Turns out it was a bill for $100 some dollars due to the modem not being returned. I had her go to my files and get the paper that had the original tracking number written down. I checked the tracking number online, praying it was still available in the system. Armed with that information, I called the company and spoke to someone. I explained the bill and that I didn't know why I was receiving it since I had returned everything. She said the system didn't show that, and that I hadn't returned the modem.

I then read the tracking information to her, telling her the number and that *person's name* had signed for the package when it was delivered. She put me on hold and came back a few minutes later, telling me the charge was taken off my account. I never heard from them after that. I still get deals from time to time in my mail from them, wanting to lure me back. No can do. I'm much happier with my current provider.
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