Fortifarse (fortifarse) wrote in bad_service,

Seriously BK?

Got off work, decided to swing by burger king bc I just wanted some junk food. Some helpful hints:
When a box of onion rings is open at the top, as they usually are, don't put them in the freaking bag upside down.
Using please and thank you doesn't make me "so damn white" as I heard you say to your coworker, it means I'm polite, and common courtesy is very much not delegated to a single race by any means.
If you wish to announce how stoned you are to your coworkers, please wait until the window is closed and/or the person has driven away. No judgement, I too was looking forward to "relaxing" when I got home, but surely the wrong person could have overheard that and gotten you in some deep shit. Common sense, get u some!

That's all...
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