Ginger (rainydaymare) wrote in bad_service,

thrift store bad service I think

So I was cleaning my closet and getting rid of a bunch of clothes I don't wear anymore. I dragged them all downtown in a huge tote bag and ended up at the door of a small thrift shop that doesn't open until 11 a.m. It was a few minutes before eleven but I thought I would inquire anyway, as I could see two people standing inside the door talking.

I was about to raise my hand to knock on the door when one of the women inside opened it, looked at me, and said in what came off as a very nasty tone of voice:

"We don't take clothes until eleven. And we don't take them like that *looks disdainfully at large bag on my shoulder*"

I was too stunned to really say anything, so I must've looked pretty silly for a few seconds there. She added "thank you" as an afterthought, and I booked it outta there and down the street and donated my clothes at the next shop I came to. Really, now.
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