kiki (kikai_saigono) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service from the Post Office

I know USPS, UPS, and FedEx for whatever reason all hate me and my apartment building, and I just don't understand why. UPS and FedEx leaves a "You weren't home to receive your package" note on my door that I find when I go down to get the mail after I have been home all day and they never rang the doorbell. Thankfully I live right down the street from the USPS office, so picking up packages is easy when they decide to leave a note and run. We also get mail that is not ours all the time. I live on North California Ave, and I get mail for houses on South California, even though they aren't the same number. Sometimes I get mail that belongs to neighbors across the street. Our address is RIGHT ON THE MAILBOX. I live in Chicago, and our post office has a rule that if your name isn't on the mailbox, you aren't going to get your mail, so how am I getting others' mail? Is there mail I'm not getting because they are delivering it all the way across town?

But lately things have been getting worse and worse, and all by different delivery men, too. I ordered a brand new snazzy printer and was waiting anxiously at my door for it on delivery day. When the post man drove up, I was about to head down to open the door when I noticed he got out with out a package in his hands. I thought, "Okay, the package may be heavy and he might be seeing if I'm home first before he hauls it out for no reason." Then I watch as he starts writing a note by the truck and then sticks it right on the door and turns to walk away; so I bolted downstairs and catch him right as he's about to pull out. He says he rang the doorbell, but I must not have heard it. I told him I watched him, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have a lot of houses to deliver to." So I let it go, though I shouldn't have.

Then I was waiting for a package my roommate had coming. It was from her mother in Canada, and it was an old glass ink bottle and glass pen that she had sent to her as a gift. I tracked the package and again waited by the window, and when I saw the USPS truck stop, I watched to see if he'd note-n-run like last time. He got to the small iron gate that stands in between the street and our doorway, decides that pushing open this tiny dinky little gate is much too difficult, and proceeds to throw, yes, THROW the package over the iron gate, hitting the stairs leading up to our door, and falling back down to the bottom. I again run down the stairs in a rage, but by the time I got to the front door he had sped off. And upon opening the package to see if any damage was done, the pen was cracked in half.

Does anyone know who I go to complain to? I don't know the names of the delivery men, and it's usually different day to day on which person comes to our house. Do I go to my local office and complain? Do I write a complaint somewhere? I am hesitant to go to the local post office, if only because no matter what, it seems like every time I go there every teller has an attitude problem. They openly mock customers by shouting rude things across the room to each other, and stand back behind the counters talking to each other while you stand there awkwardly wondering if they are going to help you at all. It makes me uncomfortable to even go in there, so I try to avoid it if possible. Is there anyone higher up I should go to? I'm usually pretty okay about mixed up mail and the like -- it bothers me, yes, but it's not the end of the world. But this is getting ridiculous.
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