scarcelyheard (scarcelyheard) wrote in bad_service,

Mild cab suck. Perhaps I can get some advice on how to deal with this in the future?

My address is 10.5 Xxx Road. It is not 10 Xxx Road.  It is 10.5 Xxx Road.  There is even a 12.5 Xxx Road up the street.

I missed my bus so I called a cab.

"Hi, can I get a cab to 10.5 Xxx road please?"

Him: "Huh?"

Me: "Can I get a cab to 10.5 Xxx Road?"

Him: "You mean 10 Xxx Road."

Me: "No, my address is 10.5 Xxx Road."

Him: "What do you mean it is 10.5 Xxx Road!?!?" (he sounded very agitated at this point and it made me a little nervous)

Me: "Uh... 10.5 Xxx Road is actually my address. I don't live at 10 Xxx Road. I live at 10.5 Xxx Road."

Him: "Alright."  *hangs up*

Luckily, I decided to go outside and wait for the cab that day. A cab pulls into my drive-way and I run up to it.  I told the driver about the rude dispatcher.  The dispatcher had sent the driver to 10 Xxx Road.  The driver had missed 10 Xxx Road and used my driveway to turn around.  If I had not have decided to stand outside this day (usually, I stay inside and peek out the window), I would have missed my cab.  Taxi driver agreed with me that some of the dispatchers can be incredibly rude.  Thanks for the warning, buddy.

But gah! 

I say it as Ten Point Five. I wonder if I say it as Ten And A Half if it will make a difference.

EDITED TO ADD: Instead of responding to each comment individually, I just want to say thank you for the advice and next time I will try saying Ten And A Half to see if it makes a difference. I'm used to giving my address to people who have to write it down for something and Ten Point Five just made more sense to say in that situation.

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