charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Get out of my garden!

Earlier today my mum noticed that there were three men messing with our fence. They were stood on the street so we thought it was no big deal. They might have been admiring the wood or the style of the fence (not that anyone would ever do that since the fence is crap and falling apart) so we left them to it. Well, a couple of minutes later two of the guys walked through our gate and into our garden. They walked over the lawn so they could chat with the guy who was standing on the street. Me and my mum watched them for a bit, not knowing what to do or what to say. Neither of us are confrontational so we left them and just watched from a distance to see if they would go away. For twenty minutes at least. Then my mum said enough is enough and went out.

Turned out they were from the *council (they were contractors so didn't have uniform) and were under instructions to fix people's fences on our street because they were falling apart. That is true, they are. My mum said that that was okay, but they should have knocked on the door and told us first. That's the big problem. The fact that they just walked into our garden and started messing around, without uniforms on. They could have been anybody. Also, they weren't even doing anything after awhile. They were just stood in our garden talking.

*The council is a local government. They rent out houses called council houses and provide service to the houses, sometimes by actual uniformed workers, but sometimes by contractors. So if a fence needs fixing, or a door, or a faulty heater, the council comes and fixes it.
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