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Meijer rant

Last night at the Meijer closest to my house, I spotted a Hawaiian-style shirt that would be perfect for one of my friends for his birthday coming up. The only problem is that they did not have the size he wears. No problem, I think. I figure I'll just call the other three stores around town today and see if any of them have the size I need.

So this morning I tried calling the Sylvania store, because that was the next closest. The direct line to the mens' department is busy, and remains so for the fifteen minutes I continued to try calling. So I tried the Maumee store while I waited for the other number to become unbusy; they did not have the size I needed. I then called the Oregon store. The lady I spoke to obviously knew her department well and was very helpful on the phone. She told me that they did not have the size that I needed, but said they were getting a truck in later that afternoon. She advised me to call back and she would check to see if the size I needed had come in.

Score one for the Oregon store.

However, the Sylvania store is still the next closest to me, so I would much rather drive there than to the Oregon store. So I tried calling the Sylvania store again. The direct line to the mens' department is still busy - and is busy every time I tried for the next half hour. Frustrated, I called the customer information number and asked for the mens' department. And immediately got transferred to the same number I had been trying to call, which was STILL BUSY. So I called the customer information number again and this time told the woman that the line for the mens' department was busy and had been so for about an hour.

I got transferred to another woman and told her why I was calling. I began to describe the shirt to her - I used to work in retail and had to check on things for customers over the phone, so I know the importance of giving good details. Before I could finish, she interrupted me and told me to "hang on a minute, I'm not on the sales floor." I said okay and waited, thinking that she was going to the floor so she could check for me. I was put on hold again, then she got back on and said that she was transferring me to someone who could check for me.

The next woman who answered the phone was completely clueless. I gave her the brand name of the shirt, I described it for her and told her what size I needed, I even told her that the shirt was on sale that week and there should be a big yellow and black sign on the rack with the price. First she said that some of the locations carry different merchandise than others; then when I told her that two of the other locations carried it, she changed her story and claimed she had never seen that shirt before. Now again, I worked in retail - and I know that when some of my co-workers didn't feel like looking for something that a customer called about, they would lie and say we either didn't have it or they had never seen it before. I told her fine and hung up.

I called back immediately and asked to speak to a manager. Once I finally got one, I told her about all of the hassle that I had gone through in trying to find out if they had the size shirt I needed - and was met with not an apology, but silence. She told me she would go out on the floor and look - so I again gave the description and told her about the sign on the rack. She said she had one - but it was a different color than the one I had described. By this point, I didn't care - I asked her if she could hold it for me, and in a very snotty tone of voice, she asked, "Well, how soon can you pick it up?" It was almost my lunch hour, so I told her I'd be there in twenty minutes or so.

I drove out there, and before stopping at the service desk, decided to see if they had the shirt I had wanted. I found the shirt the manager had said she was holding for me - and two racks over was the shirt I had wanted. With the big yellow and black $9.98 sign I had described to her and the incomptent floor person. Needless to say, I bought the shirt I'd been looking for and hightailed it out of there.

I like Meijer, but I won't be frequenting that location anytime soon....

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