The Muse, Amused (penmage) wrote in bad_service,
The Muse, Amused

My brother-in-law's wedding is in a month and a half. About two weeks ago, I met with a dressmaker - Mary - who said that she would make my dress. She told me to go buy fabric and then call her back to schedule another appointment. So off I went. I purchased fabric, and then proceeded to call her back.

I left her a message. She didn't return it. I left her another one the next day. Nothing. I left her a message every single day for the last two weeks, asking her to call me back and schedule an appointment.

Today, I got a voicemail from Mary, saying "I'm not interested in making your dress, please stop calling me."

No explanation, no apology, nothing. Aside from the fact that once she's agreed to make my dress, she can't really back out, I'd understand if she had overbooked herself or something. I wouldn't be thrilled, but I'd understand. But no explaination, no apology, not a single returned call in two weeks.

I am so pissed off. Now I'm high and dry and without a dressmaker. So furious.

Oh, and if you live in NYC and you're looking for a dressmaker, don't use a woman named Mary Barbato who works out of her apartment on the Upper West Side.
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