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Victoria's Secret Bad Service

As you may or may not know, Victoria's Secret had a huge sale around New Year's Eve, and I got sent a $10 coupon in the mail around the same time. I've never ordered from them before, but I know they're supposed to be a big deal, and hey, I needed a new bra, so I placed an order on New Year's Eve for 1 bra.

On the 6th of January, I hadn't heard anything about shipping and checked the website. It said my order was processed, but not shipped. I emailed their customer service and asked what was happening. I got a reply on the 8th of January, saying that they could see my order was ready to ship, and they *assured* me I would have it by 11th of January.

Well, today is the 12th of January, no bra received, website still says processed. So I called and got some woman who could not care less. After some faffing around, she told me that my bra was no longer available. I asked why no one had thought to tell me this in the last 12 days. She did apologise, to her credit, and repeated it was no longer available. Silence. So...what happens now, I asked? Oh, I'll just credit your account. Right. And that was it, end of conversation.

I suppose it's not the worst service in the world, since she is going to give me a credit, but the fact that I've been waiting for this bra for almost two weeks, and no one said it wasn't available really shits me. Plus the woman's attitude was really offputting.

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