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I ended up in the local ER last night.

Okay, I understand being unemployed and uninsured is generally frowned upon, but that does not give you, Doctor, and you, Registrar, the right to be rude to me. My specialist has told me that I cannot work due to being in the hospital so much over the last couple of years and I cannot get on my boyfriend's insurance since we are not married! I came to the ER at the behest of my doctor since the antibiotics that I have been on for the last month are not making me better. In fact, I'm getting worse.

You, Doctor, not only brushed off my complaint, but told me that you didn't put credence into what my specialist said since he did so over the phone and not in person. I'm sorry if I cannot afford to see him (or any of my other doctors) right now. I do agree with my father that my specialist knows more about the situation than you do and if he thinks I need to be in the hospital on IV antibiotics, then, well, maybe you should listen to him. Yes, I understand that the tests you did came back negative, but something is wrong, otherwise, my lymph nodes would not still be swollen and out of whack and I would actually be getting over my last sinusitis flare-up. Instead, I'm getting more drainage and pain in my sinuses, my lymph nodes are swollen and very painful (so much so that I'm on pain medication), and I'm losing my appetite.

I'm sorry if my father was a bit rude. He was getting that tone of wanting to play the 900 pound gorilla and not wanting to take the BS. Not that he was wrong in some of what he said, but he could have gone about it differently. Still does not warrant your attitude when you first came in, before he arrived. It didn't warrant you brushing everything off, putting me on the dame antibiotics that I have been on for the last two months. The ones that aren't working anymore. And telling me that you would rather use one that I know doesn't work any longer isn't helping the situation either.

And you, Ms. Registrar, do not need to play twenty questions with my boyfriend when I tell you that I have no income. Yes, I live with him, but he only pays household expenses, which you would have gotten when I told you that he does not pay my medical bills and that I have on-going Charity Care through the hospital. Maybe I've done this once or twice and visit the Infusion Center to get my port flushed every month. Just maybe I've talked to the financial people a lot. Maybe I follow my mother's advice since she works for the hospital that the ER is at. It doesn't mean that you need to then ask him if he gives me an allowance! When I say that I have no income and only three dollars in my checking account, that means that I have no income and only three dollars in my checking account! We are not married, so he is not responsible for it! Please don't ignore me and direct your questions at him. I can answer very well, thank you!

I was here just a month ago and I'm sorry, but your attitudes have gone down the hill. It's really sad when I can say that the nicest people there last night were my nurses.
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