Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in bad_service,
Brigitte Fires

Update! -- Local pub makes the chef-customer angry

Update from previous entry.

We've gotten word from three different friends now that the owner has been informing the group that we (as in, myself and my partner) are not welcome in his establishment (but the rest of the group is just fine and even his biggest fans, including the guy who recommended the burger to me and had gotten it med-rare only hours before I ordered mine that way). The latest was when someone said they were having their engagement party there, and the owner told them that he knows we're in that group and so to please make sure we know that if we show up, we will be escorted out by police for trespassing.

Over a Yelp! review.

Best part? The engagement in question is my partner's brother. And they are still choosing to have the engagement party there. But that's a family_sucks.

ETA: The link to the review as requested. Sorry that took so long, I was stuck without internet for a few days there!
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