narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

I'm growing to hate my school

So, a continuation of this debacle. 

I have found an apartment and moved out of the dorms, my new place is freaking amazing with the best landlord ever.  I informed the school that I have moved out and that an ADA complaint has been filed against them for failure to move me into an appropriate room despite having my condition documented no less than three times.  The first wasn't specific enough, okay.  Second time, still not specific enough and not from the diagnosing doctor.  I got the exact wording they wanted, tracked down my doctor who had left the practice, and had a third confirmation was sent off.  And they did nothing.  I was done, I refused to be jerked around any longer.

So the school is informed that they have been reported and I want a refund for my dorm fees, at least the time I will not be there, though I would like a full refund.  At the end of the day I go out to my car to go home and find a ticket from campus security for parking in the 15 minute area longer than permitted.  Now, I will admit I did this, but so did at least five other cars and not a single one of them was ticketed.  Moreover, the ticket contains false information.  It states that I was first observed in the spot at 8:08, I wasn't on campus at that time.  I did not arrive until 8:15 at the earliest.  The other unticketed cars were present when I arrived and when I left, two of them were still present this morning when I arrived.  I was singled out and that is not okay.  If everyone had been ticketed I would have no problem, I was in violation, it's the being singled out I have an issue with as well as the false information present.  Moreover, I had been parking in that spot for weeks while I lived in the dorm.  I'm not kidding, I parked in the same spot for three weeks solid without a single ticket.  The timing is way too convenient.  I'm sure I can't prove it was retaliation, but I really feel it was.

I'm currently appealing the ticket, because if you're going to enforce it with me then you have to enforce it with everyone. I took pictures of the other unticketed cars both last night and this morning in case I need further evidence that I was being singled out.  When I went and got the appeal form the security guard very snippily told me that I couldn't know for sure that I was singled out, that other students could have removed the tickets before I got there, but if that's the case then they will have records of the other tickets to prove they were enforcing for everyone.  I don't really expect to win my appeal, I was in violation after all, but I'm still pissed about being the only one ticketed.  Also, I'd like people's opinion of what I put on the appeal form, does it have an angry tone or is it appropriate?

"My car was singled out and the ticket contains false information.  There were at least four, I believe five, other cars in violation around me, none with tickets.  They were there when I arrived at 8:15, the ticket states I was first observed at 8:08, and were there when I left.  Two were still present the next morning, still without tickets.  I have a problem with the failure to ticket everyone and the incorrect time listed on the ticket.  I can provide photographic evidence if needed."
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