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internet rage

okay, we have virgin media internet. it's SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST~ because it's fibre optic and we have a 'super hub' and it's the fastest one you can get, the 100mb one.

we are not happy AT all with virgin media, and we are not very familiar or have much internet knowledge, or technical knowledge at all... we are 5 girls, students, living in wimbledon, london. we have had problems with virgin since november, we got virgin media in... september?

please, any advice on what to do now would be fantastic... here's our story.

okay, we have virgin media internet. it's SUPPOSED TO BE THE BEST~ because it's fibre optic and we have a 'super hub' and it's fast, 100mb one. we actually switched from talk talk because we got a letter through the past about switching to virgin media for 'the mother of all broadband' 'very fast internet' and there are 5 of us in this house all that need internet - and it is a big house, one of my housemates lives in the attic. so, we took the offer up with virgin media and they told us that reaching everyone's laptop for internet connection would be perfectly fine if we took up the 100mb one, even for hayley's room in the attic. they assured us that it would be fast and work perfect.

at first, we didn't have any problems apart from my friend kates laptop wouldn't connect to it via wifi, she has to use a cable. that was the only problem. everyone else was okay, it was quick, not amazing but we were satisfied. no problems. then, it got really slow. my housemates hannah and louise couldn't use wifi anymore they also had to use the cable. well, there are 5 of us, we can't all be sat in the living room sat with a cable to get on the internet like it's the old times, it's 2012! we apparently have the best internet you can get?!!!!!!! mine was still ok though so we assumed it was a windows problem as i'm using a macbook. hannah called them up (she's the account holder) & they said they'd fix it in 7 days. they admitted it was their problem, apologized and said it would be fixed. during that time even i couldn't use wifi anymore i had to use the cable or it didn't load. pages would take 10 or more minutes to load and it was soooooo laggy.

after a week or so some of us could connnect but it was really slow still. we assumed it had not been fixed like they promised. i called them up and they said, again, that it was their fault on their network and it would be fixed 3pm the following day. they were really specific about the time so we thought it would be fine.

again, it wasn't. only some of us could connect and that would be with the bloody cable, wifi was just useless. but it was coming close to christmas & we were really **bleep** off with them so we just left it, and hannah said she'd call them and get it sorted when we got back from christmas break.

she called them over christmas break from her parents house, but they said they needed her to be in our household near the internet hub. today me and hannah are back in the house in london so we decided to try and sort it out. the wifi works for me but it is SOOOOOOOO slow, i can't barely load images even on google images, and sometimes it doesn't load at all and page says cannot load. so annoying. hannah can't connect with wifi at all she has to use the cable still.

the virgin media helper guy connects to her laptop via the internet so he can control her laptop and use her laptop, and does some weird stuff on it (after looking at all her documents that she had open, mostly university work, asking if he could save them? he was opening ALL her tabs and documents from word, and she was like "um can't you just go on the internet please???!" it was really weird how he was looking at all her stuff even in her documents.) he says "oh wow there's 21 internet connections in this area' hannah says 'well obviously, i live on a street, everyone probably has internet?!?!"

he basically says that they can't do anything because it's the area. he says there are so many internet connections close by they are stronger than ours & are interfering with ours. don't the majority of people live nearby other houses?! we live in london! of course there are going to be other internet connections, we live on a street!!!!!
our internet is supposed to be THE strongest, THE best virgin media super wifi
even if it wasn't the best, what kind of excuse is that?! unless you live in the countryside everyone is going to be close to other people's internet! e.g like most of the population who have neighbours!!! some people have better internet than others, some people don't, but you can still use it?!?!?!?!?!

he said well all we can do if it's too slow sometimes is connect using the cable. there are 5 of us in this house who want to use internet! it is 2012, we want to use wifi! they offer us and we pay for 100mb speed 'SUPER WIFI' why would we be happy with all sharing a cable?!!!!!!!!!!

i think it's so wrong. hannah got really upset and now we don't know what to do. i think they shouldn't even be letting us pay for the price of 'super wifi internet' is we can't even use wifi, and the wifi we CAN get sometimes is SOOOOOOOOOOO slow we may as well have dial-up, seriously.

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