Illiana Galean (illiana_galean) wrote in bad_service,
Illiana Galean

Schwann's Rant and TriCare Update

Dear Schwann's man,

Banging on my door like the cops are trying to break it down, is not funny. Then giving me a "hard sell" sales pitch without apologizing, just makes me irritated with you. When I tell you that I will be placing an order online at a later date, exclaiming quite loudly (practically yelling in my face), "You just got paid three days ago! Why can't you order now?! You can't possibly be broke!" Just makes me hate you, and will ensure that I will forever be placing orders online just to fuck you out of your commission.

I will be filing a complaint later, because oooooooh, look at that! You gave me your little sheet with your name and cell phone number on it. How convenient!

No love,

TriCare Stuffs:

So, after being told we had to go retrieve all medical records, we set about doing just that. Only to have the records lady intervene when she found out why we needed them, and tell us who we actually had to talk to.

One conference with this lady later, and everything's fixed.

Hubby went in to see here with First Sergeant, Chaplain, and more records than he ever needed in tow, only for it to turn out not to be necessary.

The checks had been cut and sent out two days after everything happened, and it was apparently a disconnect between the local insurance agency handling TriCare claims (whomever that is), and the hospital. Not TriCare itself.

The lady we talked to even got on the collections agency and told them under no certain terms to STFU and DIAF. Well, not those words, but you get the idea.

I'd have posted an update sooner, but wanted to give it some time to make sure everything's been worked out. It has, as I confirmed yesterday afternoon and again this morning.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people who let me rant, and offered some awesome advice and fantastic solutions.
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