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Is it too harsh?

I'm writing a letter of complaint to a small business that has 10 locations in the state. What do you think?

"This letter is to complain about service I recently received from the "Company" location in Indianapolis.

I am a state government employee who works near the location. As "the Company" is one of the closer places to get a snack, I enjoy the occasional ice cream cone at this store. I was having a bit of a bad day at work and decided to treat myself to a chocolate almond ice cream cone.
I am usually greeted quickly and my request dealt with. Today was an unfortunate exception. The store was mostly empty, and I was the only customer near the registers when I came in. I stood over by the ice cream counter, where a couple of minutes after I entered, I received a mumbled greeting. I’ve lost a little hearing at only 35, so this started badly.

I received a cone I consider sub-par. It was not shaped or packed like the ones I have received in the past. It also included a good deal less ice cream! The young lady handed over my cone and disappeared. There was one other employee working, and he was filling a coffee order. The young lady went over to the candy area and ignored me. The young man didn’t even acknowledge me, and I needed to pay and get back to work since I only have a 15-minute break. From outside, another young lady came in and shrugged out of her coat before assisting me.

When I expressed my displeasure over the state of my cone, she stated that, “upper management’s been coming down on us for giving out too much ice cream.” I was surprised, as the price went up last summer. “You must not have been here lately, because the price went up.” Well, yes I had. I just expected to have the same amount of ice cream for the higher price.

I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. I will no longer be recommending your company to my friends and coworkers looking for a delightful ice cream or chocolate treat in downtown Indianapolis. It’s sad to lose a once good neighbor to corporate greed.



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