Duae (duae) wrote in bad_service,

Vet Receptionist Fail

Maybe it's just me, and you can tell me I'm wrong. But should I have to prompt the receptionist for everything? I e-mailed a couple days ago, no response, so called yesterday and got that they were out until today for New Years. So I called today.

Me: "Hi, this is Duae, calling to set up an appointment for Tony (my cat)"
Her: "Ok."
Me: "So will I be able to bring him in today?"
Her: "Why are you making an appointment?"
Me: "He needs his 6 month bloodwork for CRF and his eyes have been making a lot of yellow mucus"
Her: "Ok."
Me: "Is Dr. B available today?" (There are three vets, but B is my favorite, and he has CRF kitties himself)
Her: "Yeah."
Me: "Does he have any appointments available today?"
Her: "Yeah."
Me: "When?"
Her: "Twelve and three"
Me: "Twelve then. Does Tony need to fast for his bloodwork?" (Last time he did, but I think that's more for blood sugar, which isn't being checked)
Her: "I don't know"
Me: "Ok. Well, I did send an e-mail a few days ago and never got a reply."
Her: "An e-mail?"
Me: "Yes, through your website?"
Her: "I didn't know we had a website."
Me: "Uh, ok. I'll be there at 12"

The dots all indicate long pauses. I mean really! Am I overreacting? Or is making an appointment the kind of basic thing that a receptionist should be able to do without me prompting them through every step of it?
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