narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

Bad waitress

This past Thursday my friends and I went to a local bar because they were having drink specials.  There were six of us and since half the group is only in town for a few days we wanted to have some fun together.  We managed to get a booth and the waitress came by to let us know that if we needed anything she would help us.  She walked away and we talked and looked over the menu for a bit then started trying to flag her down.  We tried for over fifteen minutes to get her attention to absolutely no avail.  She would look right at us with our hands up or even waving our credit cards trying to get her to come over, then go over to the table with three guys who had already been served.  We ended up getting so frustrated that we went to the bar and ordered there and brought our food and drinks back to our table.

We got some seriously dirty looks from her as soon as we brought our orders back to the table, she clearly realized we'd paid at the bar and she wouldn't be getting a tip from us, but she flat out refused to serve us, so it certainly wasn't our fault.  We finished our food and drinks and tried to flag her down again, again we were ignored.  We ended up flagging down someone we thought was a server, but turned out to be a security guard.  He told us he'd get a server for us and  went over to the table with three guys that the server was at yet again, probably the seventh time since we'd been there that the guys had gotten service despite us never getting acknowledged beyond the initial greeting.  As soon as she was done he pointed at our table and she did this little slouch like she didn't want to come over and the security guard physically pushed her in our direction.  She was incredibly snippy while taking our new orders.

The new orders didn't show up for a good ten more minutes and when it did it was wrong.  I ordered a shot and got a martini, no one got the water they ordered, our designated driver was presented with rum and coke despite ordering just a sprite, one person got coconut rum and they're extremely allergic to coconuts, and we got french fries instead of mozzarella sticks.  We were not pleased and pointed out the errors which she did fix, but the whole time she was scowling at us as if we were demanding something completely ridiculous.  Finally we're all seriously angry and ask for the check, which is wrong.  We were charged three times what we should have been with the drink specials.  At this point we call over the manager who fixes our check and my friend starts telling him exactly what this server has done the entire night.  He informed us that it would be dealt with immediately and we got the impression that this was not a new occurrence.  This is also a new bar, they're trying to attract people to come there and I think the manager realized how he'd not only completely lost our business, but that we would most likely be telling people how we were treated.

Clearly she didn't think we would tip her and the guys would, but what she didn't realize is that four of us are currently in the hospitality industry, we tip very well.  All of us have served at some point and know what it's like, we are not picky, we just wanted acknowledgement and basic service. We didn't tip after how we'd been treated by that server and I doubt any of us will return.  If she'd just shown a basic interest in making sure we got any service at all we would have given her a baseline of 20% and gone up from there.
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