mmm_sexxay (mmm_sexxay) wrote in bad_service,

"Can I just renew?!"

OKay, I'm new here, hi! Usually, I am the nicest person when it comes to being a customer (I worked retail for 3 years so, yeah I know how the "other side" feels), but this was ridiculous

So I was at the library in hopes of renewing two books, ok no problem. But I didn't know which line to go in for renew(I hadn't gone to that library since I was like 10 because I moved). So instead of waiting in one line only to have to go to another, I went to ask a librarian. Now, this librarian was talking to one of her co-workers. about what? I dunno, so I say "excuse me, I just have a quick question." Now, this was NOT in a rude way, but this librarian looks like I just told her she had to stay the whole day there or something and tells me "ONE SECOND PLEASE!" So I wait, because.. one second right?

WRONG. what is she talking about??? SOME LADY'S CAT!

Im there waiting and waiting... so I leave, and decide to pick a random line because there weren't many people. And Im waiting and the person in front of me is being taken care of by some other rude lady who won't listen to what she's saying. So the lady who was rude to me decides to ty and "help" the other person. By this time I'm mad... you told me to wait one second, and I'm waiting like an idiot for something that really takes no time out of your cat talk. So I go up to her again and say (still politely, but mad nonetheless) "excuse me, I just had a question.. where do I renew?" and she's all "over there *in a bothered tone* oops, sorry I didn't help you *total sarcasm*, I was just...." and I turn to walk away and say "busy talking about a damn cat" and walk to the other line... and the other guy was sooo nice.. thank god.

Aren't Librarians supposed to be nice? =(
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