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nananana SPAMJEN (to the tune of batman)

passport photo b_s x2

look, i get it, boxing week is stressful for retail employees, but it wasn't exactly crowded at sears when i went earlier today with my cousin and her fiance to get their passport photos done. maybe the lady thought she was being friendly or engaging or something when she looked at me and said, "wow, your nose is so oily! do you use cleansing wipes? you should." UMM, thanks, but my nose actually isn't greasy. at all. and even if it was, i don't recall asking you for your input.

so we left sears and thought we'd have better luck at the local portrait studio in the mall. normally this wouldn't be relevant, but my cousin and i are chinese, and her fiance is white. the woman we spoke to was white as well. anyway, they went to get their photos done, and my cousin's fiance's photo went off without a hitch. but then when it came to my cousin's turn, the woman said, "oh no, don't look at the camera! look up at me." my cousin was like, "what? why shouldn't i look at the camera?" and the woman said, "it'll make your eyes look bigger!"

WTF? if we weren't so mad we probably would have laughed at that, but mostly we're just offended. especially since my cousin's eyes are actually pretty huge and un-stereotypically asian and all that. there was pretty much no reason at all for the lady to comment on the size of her eyes, other than race.
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