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Don Pablos Bad Sevice

My husband and I were out today for a quick trip to get his hair cut, and we decided to stop at Don Pablos for lunch. Hubby had forgotten his debit card, so we decided to use our cash to pay($23.00) between us. That limited us on what we could order, so we both decided to do the pick two lunch combo at $5.99 a person. With drinks and tax, I figure it to be around $18.00, enough to eat and leave a 20 percent tip.

The waitress brought us our bill at the end of the meal, and I see the total is $23 and some odd cents. I scan the receipt, and see she has charged us $8.99 each for our meals. I asked the waitress why we were being charged extra, and I pointed out that the lunch menu said $5.99. I never once raised my voice or got snippy. She stated that she had charged us for two dinners. I repeated myself again and quoted the lunch menu price to her. She suddenly got very defensive and said:

"You don't need to be so mean!"

I replied that I didn't intend to be mean,and was just asking why we were charged for dinner instead of lunch. She grabbed the bill from me and said she was going to fix it. My husband and I sat there, stunned until she brought the bill back, plunked it down and sniped that she had taken $6.00 off the bill. I gave her the money, and ended up leaving less than 20 percent for a tip in the end. I spoke to the manger on the way out, and he asked if he could do anything for us.I declined any offer and told him that I just wanted him to be aware of the server's behavior.(Though to be honest, we probably won't be going back anyway.)
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