She Herself (ipsafictura) wrote in bad_service,
She Herself

Macy's Bad(ish) Service

Back in the end of November, I ordered a punch bowl from Macy' It (and the other things I ordered) took a pretty long time shipping, and when it arrived in December, I found that the ladle was quite spectacularly shattered. After wrestling with their phone system to actually get a human person on the line, I asked them to ship me a new one. The rep says no problem, and advises me not to ship back the punch bowl (which isn't broken) because "you might cut yourself on the broken pieces." This is mildly hilarious, but not actually bad service at all.

So, they're going to ship me a whole new punch bowl and ladle, I get a reshipment confirmation via email, stating my bowl is going to ship on the 16th. Fast forward to yesterday, and it occurs to me that a) I never got a follow up email with a tracking number and b) I still don't have my punch bowl. So I call up and wrangle up a human being again; the customer service rep is polite, although a little... confused, and the "where's my stuff" conversation manages to take about 45 minutes, finally ending in her telling me that the punch bowl is back ordered until after Christmas (problem, since I bought it to use on Christmas Day). It takes another 10 minutes to explain to her that I don't want the punch bowl if it won't arrive until after Christmas (somehow "I need it for Christmas" is perplexing to her). Eventually, she manages to refund my money, and in a bit of good service, offers me a $50 gift card for the inconvenience (god knows if it'll get here, however).

And then a few hours later a package arrives, containing... wait for it... the replacement punch bowl.

So now I have two punchbowls (and one ladle) for the cost of negative $50, which is why it's only badish, but what a mess to get there! I figure after the holidays I'll call Macy's and tell them the punch bowl arrived, since I feel vaguely guilty about getting it free, even though it's their screw up.
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