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Teri Smith

Update to Best Buy nonsense

Update to this entry:

(tl;dr from that entry: husband orders a PS3 on a special pre-Black Friday sale for Silver rewards members on bestbuy.com. Best Buy subsequently confirms the order, sends shipping confirmation, complete with number, then the item becomes magically back-ordered, while people who ordered ON Black Friday received their PS3's.)

He received an email a week or two ago stating that the item that he ordered wouldn't be available in time for Christmas, so they're cancelling the order. It was no big deal here, as he purchased a PS3 from Target on the evening of Black Friday and was just waiting to see what would happen with the order.

My husband is not the only one who got screwed over by Best Buy recently. Best Buy is Ruining Christmas. My husband was disappointed, but not upset. He did buy his item from another place, so nothing was "ruined" for us.

He got another email from Best Buy today, apologizing for the problem and the poor handling of the situation. In addition, it said that sometime in the next few days, he'd be getting an e-gift card in the amount of $200, the price of the item that was ordered and then cancelled by them. This article from the Minnesota Star-Tribune tells more about it.

At least they're trying to make up for it. My husband wasn't expecting them to do anything, so suddenly having $200 to spend at Best Buy is pretty nifty.
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