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UPS sucks.

Why is it so hard for most of the mail carriers to do their jobs correctly? Seriously, we don't live on the best side of town but neither do we have a moat full of alligators or bear traps in the yard. My boyfriend got a fishing reel for his christmas present and it was supposedly delivered tonight. My car is in the driveway and our lights are on so I think it's obvious someone is probably home. We've been home since two hours before the supposed delivery time so we know you didn't attempt to deliver it here. No knock, no dogs barking at noise outside, nothing. I'm guessing, you just chucked it at the wrong house in your hurry to get out of west side and that person gladly took it. As much as I hate USPS, they at least get our packages to us, and if they don't, they don't leave them out somewhere to get stolen. >:(

Update: Box was found this morning on a neighbor's porch. She didn't bring it over because she didn't know it was there so he didn't knock when he delivered it there. However, it was extremely smashed and for some reason, wet?! No rain here so no telling. Had it been a fragile item it would have been broken for sure since it was packed well and the INSIDE box was smashed also.
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