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My friend told me about the experience he had at McD's yesterday.

Essentially he went in about 30 minutes from their close (which is like 11 or something?) he just told me 30 minutes to close. He just wanted a meal since he just got off work. Now he's a nice guy and knows that working can suck so makes it pretty painless. He got two combo meals, didn't even ask for no pickles since he didn't want to hassle them. He was just going to take his food and go. Now he waited there for 10 minutes, being patient. One of his friend's called him up so he wasted some time talking to him, he said he did mention that he was "waiting for his food" and "I hope it isn't too much longer" but nothing that was really rude (my friend's a really good guy so I believe him).

Another 5 minutes pass and no food. He gets a little worried and asks the cashier if something's wrong and she snaps at him going. "BE paitience!" So he waits... 20 minutes by this time and he just wants to grab his food and go home... he looks in the back and sees that the fryer is off, and there's just one guy he can see who is mopping. He waits about 3 minutes before looking at the cashier and sighing then asking, "Is it too much longer?" She just glares and goes back to closing up.

It's 5 minutes to close and it's very clear that they're in the process of closing the store, and my friend is really anxious to get home so he looks at the cashier and says "If it's no trouble I'll just take my money back and get food from home." She snaps at him again to be paitent then goes back and puts half his order in the bag then hands it to him. He isn't made of money so inquires were his second meal is. "This is all we have!" Is what she says. Now he's getting kind of frustrated and puts the bag down, (he told me it was also cold).

Now he's going to type up the conversation:

Hi! okay this is what went down. i told her i wanted my money back cuz im not payin for 2 meals when im only gettin one, and she just yelled that she gave me both and then the manager popped up from the back office or wherever he was. i dont think he was the manager but probably a closer with powers! so i told him what went down and he said that hed refund me cuz they shut everything down but didnt offer a coupon or anything i really dont care but after going through all that he didnt even apologise or nothing or give me a special or nothing!

And that's what happened according to my friend... he just wanted to share it here and I'll apologize for his bad grammer and my own... too lazy to go through it and fix it and so is he (he's also friggin slow when he types with his "hunting" and "pecking" :P)

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