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Salvation army B_S

This is something that has been building for a while.
Please excuse rambling. im mad.

My mother has been involved with the salvation army since we moved here (almost 17 years ago) till about 4 years ago.
She started out as a volunteer at the thrift store, then was eventually hired, then became manager. ( She even got the very first employee appreciation award )
She took the job because she wanted to help people, and she enjoyed it.
It was also the only job my mom could get, because my younger brother would sometimes be sent home, and she would have to leave work at a moments notice to go and get him. Al and Karen understood and were fine with this.
The two people in charge, major Al and Karen, were the kindest people i have ever met, and treated me with respect even though i wasnt ever religious.

as of 4 years ago, Al and Karen moved, leaving everything to a greedy bastard. The first thing he did, was increase the prices of everything in the thrift store. Something as small as a light jacket went up to 30$, and a pair of cheap shitty mittens went to 10.
I guess he thought that increasing the prices of essentials (our winters get to -50 without factoring in the windchill) That they could make more money.
They gave her a warning for giving a homeless lady a sweater in -30, and generally being an asshole. They even said my brother's condition was a made up excuse for my mom to skip work. That was the final straw, and she quit, but it doesn't end there.

We also received a salvation army Christmas hamper every year for as long as i can remember. They were always a wonderful thing, full of food that we needed, and a present or two. Well, they were until new management. They came up with a set list of items for each hamper, and any hampers put together with anything not on the list, were taken apart and the good things were put into their storage. These new hampers were tiny, and full of crap that they couldn't use. They even took toys from the kids! at school, the hampers were always a huge deal. Together we'd make about 30 hampers full of things, including toys, home made baked goods and etc. We'd even hand deliver them to the families. New management said we couldn't hand deliver them anymore, claiming to need to make sure they included everything on the list. ( WE INCLUDED MORE THAN YOUR DAMN LISTS FFGGHGHJ ) They just took our nice things and kept it for their storage.
The last year that i helped out, my class put together enough to buy a large dollhouse for a 5 year old girl. We went as a class to the store to pick it out. The packaging had a bit of damage, and it was very distinct. ( it had a surface tear shaped like a rabbit)
We finish the hampers, deliver them to the salvation army building and go about our day.

about 2 weeks later, i was at the thrift store, looking around to kill time, and what do i see? The dollhouse we donated for the hamper. They STOLE the dollhouse from a little girl!

TL;DR: Local Salvation army goes from awesome people running it, to an asshole who steals from the Christmas hampers, gets mad at a single mother for sons condition and jacks up the prices on everything in the thrift store.

EDIT: I spoke with my mother about the idea of going to the paper. Turns out she tried that already, and they refused on the grounds that we have no solid proof.
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